7075it Air Killer Kill Bill Shock Station

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Air Killer “Kill Bill”

After the great success of the Air Killer, used by the best drivers in the world and that has attracted other companies in investing in this kind of products, 7075.it is excited to announce the new model of the Air Killer series, the “Kill Bill”.

The new vacuum system Kill Bill is beautiful and powerful like the previous Air Killer, but now even more compact and cheaper.

Kill Bill has been created with an even more appealing design reducing its dimensions in order to make it more handy and practical. 

Kill Bill is available in the On Road and Off Road versions.

"Kill Bill” is a product entirely design and built in Italy and its chassis has been forged by a whole 7075 Alu piece. 

The chassis accommodates internally all the components necessary for the operations.

Each product has been assembled and checked one by one.

The vacuum power of the "Kill Bill" Air Killer allows shocks or diffs oil changes in a very short time.

How it works:

- Refill the shocks or the diffs following the standard procedures.
- Place them in the holes of the apposite stand and place in the middle of the "Air Killer”.
- Place the cylinder in its dedicated groove and check that the upper valve above the plexiglass cylinder is correctly screwed. At this stage it just needs to apply a slight pressure on the cylinder in order to ensure a better grip to the gasket.
- PRESS and HOLD the start button until it reaches the maximum vacuum. The max vacuum will be indicated with a change in the engine noise.
- For this procedure it will need 30 secondo for the On Road version and 45 for the Off Road one.
- The time to wait it depends only by the viscosity of the oils:
- Liquid oils will take less time, oils with high viscosity instead will need few more minutes.
- Once the vacuum is over, the upper valve located above the cylinder has to be unscrewed. It is advisable to unscrew it gentle, in order to avoid a pressure wave that could cause an oil leakage from the shocks or from the diff.


**NOTE** Make sur eyou are ordering the correct Air Killer.  Either for Awesomatix (AMX) or Normal TC shocks (TC).  We are not responsible if you order the wrong item.