A800-MMCX-2 in Carbon or Alloy

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Mid-motor conversation / Worlds 2018

Middle Motor Conversion Set for A800X Model line. 
This is the second version with slightly updated Lower Deck and Top deck incl. Top deck Stiffener.
Only Limited qty. of this Conversion will be available!
Limited edition Set!

Manual is available for Download here: 

MMCX-2 Set includes:
1x C01B-X-MM2 Lower Deck
1x C27MM2 Top Deck
1x AT55M Spur Nut
1x AM77MM Motor Mount
2x BEL351 Belt 351mm
1x AM102
4x SB3x5 screw

(Picture show full assambled Car. This Set includes ONLY the Parts listed above. IT'S NOT A FULL KIT!)