Arndt Craft Yokomo YZ4-SF Extreme Coeol Fan Shroud

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Based off the popular B64 fan shroud, is the Yokomo YZ4 SF specific fan shroud/mount. Shroud accepts std 30x or 30x10mm fans.  Shroud mount is slotted for adjustments on gearing or motor variations. Drastic reduction of motor temps, over a std rear fed fan. Testing has shown reductions of 30*f + under 75*f ambient. Safe secure means to mount your cooling fan, as to avoid issues occasionally associated with chassis mounted fan. Latest update have improvements in body clearance as well as ample clearance for forward/rearward battery positions. 

*Highly reccomned to use short/LP 5mm bullets for your charge leads (if charging in car) as well as ESC lead. 

    Necessary hardware included consists of

(4) 3x12mm BHS 

(2) 3x10mm FHS

(2) 3mm aluminum countersunk washers