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Deadfly #DFB1005 - TC AWB LiPo Weight 30g

by DeadFly
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DeadFly - DFB1005

Weighing in at 30g it's perfect for modified drivers who utilise LCG packs, the exciting part of the AWB for TC, is it has a 5g bias from centre depending on which orientation you place the weight. So if your in hunt for more steering run the heavier part to the back. More stable feel needed, run the heavier part at the front, and it’s that simple.

  • 0.8 mm thick
  • 30g Overall Weight

How does weight distribution affect the balance of the car? What is the effect of more front weight? Or more rear weight?


  • What we want is for our car to turn as hard and fast as possible yet still with sufficient stability for you to maintain control.
  • Adding weight forward of the centre of gravity will increase understeer. Adding weight rearward of the centre of gravity will increase oversteer.