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Exotek Flight Top Shaft

by Exotek
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Original price
$18.95 - $19.50
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Car: Xb2
Ultra light top shaft that has been drilled and the teeth narrowed for increased acceleration and a cooler running motor. In the world of ultra competitive stock racing at indoor tracks, every gram counts and there is no better way to separate yourself from the pack than having a more efficient and lighter drive train. Less than half the weight of the stock top shaft and slipper and lighter still than our standard spur mount set, when combined with our special lightened spur mount #1726, sold separately. Only 9.3gr complete with hardware and 69 spur- the stock assembly is over 20gr! Use optional alloy hardware for even more weight savings. Hard anodized 7075 alloy.   Pros- Extremely light weight Less rotating mass Lower CG You no longer have to cut a hole in the body for the top shaft   Cons- You cannot use a slipper on the top shaft Must use Exotek or Kimbrough spur gears- can be seen as a positive :)