Helix Design Perfect Edge Gluer Guides

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 If gluing your touring car tire sidewalls was not already easy with the HD Perfect Edge Tire Gluer, you can make it even faster and more precise. No longer do you have to guess were the glue needs to stop, with the HD Gluer Guides you can mark the tire accurately with the included silver marker, Allowing you to visually see where to stop. Dual color parts allow clean easy to read text.

Comes with Gluer Guides in 58.5, 59, 59.5, & 60 mm and silver marker.

Recommendations for glue diameter for certain track conditions.
CRC Fasttrak II - Black carpet, widely used in USA and Canada
Tires - Gravity Type-C, Jaco Blue, Sweep QTS32

Medium - 58.5
Medium High - 59 to 59.5
High - 59.5
vary high - 60 mm