Helix Designs Perfect Edge Tire Gluer

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If you're running TC on new black carpet available from CRC you’re going to experience very high grip conditions.  This new racing surface has changed the type of grip from CRC’s previous family of on-road racing carpet.  To help with setup racers are now gluing sidewalls of their front tires to take away grip that just can’t be accomplished via setup with tires currently available today.  Some may have experience this briefly in certain conditions in the past but now it's mandatory and a big part of your setup to be fast.


Trying to glue tires by dabbing glue on the sidewall is time consuming and not very exact.  The Tire Spinner simplifies this process allowing you add glue exactly where intended.  Everyone using this product has reduce tire gluing time by 80%.  The biggest benefit though, is creating a perfect glue line per your requirement.  Being off by .2mm can make or break your car's performance.


Benefits of the Perfect Edge Tire Gluer

  • Glue the sidewall of a tire in less than a minute
  • Create a clean Perfect Edge
  • Helps prevent you from damaging the tire

Unique features

  • Arbor neatly stores in the case
  • Compact and light weight
  • Threaded post on the arbor is metal and will never strip
  • High Torque metal gear motor
  • Turns at the perfect speed for gluing
  • Will not throw glue everywhere
  • Runs on 2 AA batteries included, easily replaceable
  • Rotation can be reversed easily if needed
  • Option to customize top plate