Maxline Soldering Iron

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The Maxline 12V Soldering Station is perfect for the track, the field, or the trail thanks to its lightweight, small size at 12V power source. Perfect for soldering things like ESCs, brushless motors or Wire gauges from 10 to 14 easily with the provided tip. Ready to solder in less than 30 seconds.

This soldering station is specifically manufactured to be used with a 12 volts (DC) power supply but can be used with different DC power sources as long as it is powered in the safe zone of 11.5 volts up to 18 volts DC with a power source able to deliver a minimum of 80 watts (approx: 6 amperes). Here's some examples:
  • Car booster pack.
  • 12 volts car/truck/boat battery.
  • Computer power supply.
  • 12 volts power supply dedicated to RC or not.
  • RC battery charger that has a 12V power outlet.
  • Car/truck/boat 12 volts lighter outlet.
  • Solar panel with 12 volts output.
  • 3S (11.1V) or 4S (14.8V) lithium polymer battery ONLY. 2S will not work and 5S or more will cause non reversible damage.

Soldering temperature:
Stability: <15 farenheit
Output power: 75W (24V) independently of the input voltage.
Input voltage range: 11.5 volts to 18 volt DC
Dimensions: 3"x3"x1.1"
Weight: 310 gr.


  • Soldering station
  • T12 D4 Tip
  • Stand
  • Tip cleaner