RCMaker A800X Bellcrank Limiters V2

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Carbon Fibre steering limiter plates to restrict and set the steering endpoints to achieve limited and consistent steering lock. 

Whilst there are only 2 braces, each contains 2 limits. Simply flip 180 degrees to access 1mm more or less lock. 

1: 9mm & 10mm - 28-33 Inner Degrees Steering Lock

2: 11mm & 12mm - 22-26 Inner Degrees Steering Lock

Designed to impact minimally on the flex, whilst keeping the steering sturdy.

Why can't I just turn down my EPA and have the servo restrict my lock?

This is a very common misconception. Due to the forces acting on the car during cornering, the steering links will flex and allow the steering to "wobble" past less and more lock than what you have set. This also increases the chance of "chattering" in the front driveshafts, leaving you with a loud, aggressive car with less corner speed.

These plates are designed so that you can choose how many degrees you want, and regardless of if it's the full 32 degrees, or limited 26 degrees, you can still have a "stopper" to keep your lock consistent, so it has something hard to seat against, reducing wobble and chattering.