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Xray Composite Rear Upright Graphite. XB2/XT2

by Xray
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Super-compact rear upright made from specially-formulated graphite composite material. Perfect balance between reliability and performance, for use on left or right side. Suitable for most track conditions, especially for high- and very-high-traction tracks. The graphite rear uprights make the car more stable and increase cornering speed as well the strength of the car. The compact rear uprights are small in size but are very strong thanks to the special composite mixture used

Features 7 different upper roll center positions. The rear uprights feature 0° toe to ensure stability and to prevent suspension geometry changes in hard crashes. It also features a hole for the set screw that secures the pivot pin in place

For maximum drivetrain reliability, larger 5x12mm ball-bearings are used in the outer position with increased dynamic load. On the inner position, smaller 5x10mm ball-bearings are used to minimize unsprung weight