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1up Racing 5g weights

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1up Racing LowPro Stick-On 5g Ballast Weights make dialing in your car easier than ever!  Our black finished steel weights feature a compact 19x12mm footprint and are only 3mm tall.  Thin and spongy adhesive is pre-applied making installation a breeze and helps keep these ultra-low with minimal effect on chassis flex.

Don’t just throw these on the car to make weight, add them strategically to dial in your setup for the current layout or track conditions!

Layouts with long, sweeping corners will benefit from more weight at the front of the car.  This helps reduce edginess off center making the car easier to drive when entering a corner.  You’ll also benefit from improved on-power steering as you progress through the corner.

High-grip tracks have a tendency to provide too much steering feedback making the car hard to drive.  Adding weight to the front of the car will reduce steering feel making the car easier to drive.

Tracks with chicanes and hard braking sections will benefit from more rear bias.  This improves steering response and rear stability giving you the ability to blitz through chicanes on-power and dive in on your competition heavily under braking.

Low-grip tracks will benefit from more rear bias as it increases steering feel and can “wake up” a lazy, unresponsive car.

How to know when you’ve gone too far one way or the other? Cars with too much forward bias will be lazy when entering a corner.  They will struggle to produce on-power traction and won’t want to “straighten up” on corner exit.  Cars with too much rear bias will be aggressive and hard to drive.  They also have a tendency to snap loose when exiting corners.

Once you are happy with your front to rear bias, you can further fine tune by moving weight closer or further away from the centerline of the car.  Cars with narrow weight placement will be more responsive, this feel is desired on low-grip tracks.  Cars with the weight placed at the outer edges of the chassis will less responsive which is desired on high-grip tracks.

Does your car have any of these nasty symptoms?  Fix your setup with 1up Racing LowPro Stick-On 5g Ballast Weights today!