7075it Awesomatix Shorty Battery Holder Set

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This Brass Battery Holder Kit is designed for Shorty batteries (LCG or Normal height). 
It fits only on Awesomatix Mid Motor Alloy Chassis (C01B-X-MMA) and 7075 Flex version (7075-AWX-MMW & 7075-AWX-MM).
This Holder is compatible with all the original Awesomatix Battery Retain Systems and with the new 7075-AWX-MM-TBH Tape System Battery Holder.
Like other 7075.it LCG items also this new product allows the chassis to flex freely and to move the weight as close to the floor as possible. The screw holes are 0,5mm higher to not compromise the chassis flexibility.
We highly recommend to use the Brass Battery Holder Kit on high traction surface like indoor carpet.