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Alera 3D Bumpers.

by Alera
Original price $20.00 - Original price $20.00
Original price
$20.00 - $20.00
Current price $20.00

The new Alera3D 3DLite bumpers are the lightest weight 3D printed bumpers available on the market today, all while maintaining incredible durability and the same full-size footprint as your stock foam bumper!

No need to worry about a thin bumper folding while at high speed in modified racing or not fully protecting your touring car in the event of a crash, these are made to take a beating and will hold up to just about anything you can throw at them!

Additionally, the bumpers have a taper on the bottom leading edge to prevent dragging on high grip surfaces or under braking at high speeds.


Every bumper is manufactured in house right here in the USA from premium quality European polymers.

**Approximate** weight of each bumper:

  • ARC R12/R12.1/A10 - 7g
  • Awesomatix A800MMX - 10g
  • Mugen MTC2 - 10g
  • Schumacher Mi8 - 7.5g
  • Xpress XQ10/2/AT1 - 10g
  • XRay T4/X4 - 8g
  • Yokomo BD9/10/11 - 9g