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Avid Ringer Heatsink Bullet Plugs 5mm

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Product Overview

Bullet grips have been around for a few years now and figured it was time for Avid to put their take on these handy parts. First, we ergonomically shaped them to allow for a bit more grip when pulling them out. Since we prefer a full stealth look, we did both of our grips in black with positive (+) and negative (-) laser etched on the base of each and included black and red shrink tubing that you can add to your wire for immediate notification. Last but not least we added our Ringer design to these by adding 5 silver highlight rings, one of which is inside the grip which makes these items sparkle like no other.


These come with set-screws installed, once you have slipped these grips over your battery bullet, use a 1.5mm Allen wrench to tighten them down.


  • Ergonomically designed to have a better grip for your fingers when pulling our from your battery.
  • Avid's Ringer-influenced design with five silver highlights for that ultimate sparkle.
  • Stealth black coloring with positive (+) and negative (-) laser etched on the base of each.
  • Includes red and black shrink tubing that you can use to even further mark the +/- side of the wire.
  • Includes: (2) bullet grips, (2) 5mm gold plated battery bullets, (2) M3x3 set-screws, (1) red shrink tube, and (1) black shrink tube.