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Cry Baby Racing body mount kit

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$12.00 - $12.00
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Cry Baby Racing has updated the first body mount kit of its kind. In today's world of light and ultralight bodies, there is a growing need for body mount solutions that provide maximum body support at the lightest weight possible, while also providing some "impact" resistance in order not to damage bodies as quickly as traditional mounts or even body clips alone. 

V2 of our latest innovation includes a slotted front mount which pivots on the front posts allowing the body to find its natural position. The new rear mounts can be mounted either vertically or horizontally which now accommodates all body styles. Keeping weight very much in mind, we have created mounts that weigh in at just 0.5g and 0.4g respectively. The front and rear mounts are easily attached to 6mm body posts using standard body clips. 

Each kit contains 2 front mounts plus 2 rear mounts.