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Deadfly #DFM1007B - Mugen MTC2 LCG Weighted Fully Adjustable Lipo Holder Set

by DeadFly
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DeadFly - DFM1007B

Mugen MTC2 LCG weighted fully adjustable LiPo holder set is especially designed for the use of ULCG Batteries.

  • Incorporated 2mm of forth and back adjustment in the lower spacer to ensure a perfect fit
  • Maintaining the factories left to right moment within in the L-shaped hooks for the perfect weight balance.
  • 15mm post fits perfectly into the recess within L-shaped hooks, with a low profile M3 nut in the other ensuring the whole system can be tightened and not move.
  • Carbon Fibre DeadFly twist clamp.

Supplied with:

  • 2x Carbon Fibre DeadFly battery clamps
  • 2x Carbon Fibre 2mm lower risers
  • 2x Brass 3mm L-shaped hooks 6g per hook (Weight of set = 12g Aprox)  
  • 2x 15mm Alloy DeadFly black posts
  • 2x 3x10 button head screws
  • 2x Low profile lock nuts