Futaba R304SB-E T-FHSS Receiver

Futaba R304SB-E T-FHSS Receiver


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This Futaba R304SB-E is very similar to the R304SB (FUTL7680) in that they both feature 4-channels, both feature S.Bus2, both are Telemetry enabled and both cost roughly the same price.

However, the two receives differ in two fundamental areas: this R304SB-E is only intended for electric vehicles, the R304SB is electric/nitro/gas, and this R304SB-E features the benefit of having a non-exposed built-in antenna - the R304SB is fully exposed.


  • T-FHSS System
  • Telemetry Enabled
  • 4-Channels
  • Built-in Hidden Antenna
  • Electric Vehicle Use Only