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Inertia Alumn Screws

by Inertia
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Not only are aluminum screws are a great way to lighten up your car strategically, but they are also a great way to customize your car!

These are sold in packages of 10, and available in 10 colors

Aluminum screws allow you to move weight from up high, lowering your Center of Gravity dramatically.

Compare to a steel screws (.5 grams each), or a titanium screw (.4 grams each), these weigh in at .2 grams each. 

On average that is a 40-60% weight reduction.

These button head screws, offer a tall head with a deep true 2mm hex. This ensures a tight fit of your driver, and greatly reduces the possibility of twisting a head off during use.

Shaft length is a true measurement(a 6mm screw, actually measures 6mm). 

Shaft Diameter is just under 3mm to ensure the most contact possible, which severely reduces the chance of a stripped part/screw.

Color: Gunmetal