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JConcepts B64 Front Wing (Narrow) Fits B64/64D (2Pcs)

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The JConcepts B64/B64D Narrow "Aero" Front Wing is the perfect addition to your B64 aero package. This high-performance, adjustable front wing mounts above the front shock tower on the B64 series of vehicles, in clean air and is quite easy to trim, use and test without sacrificing all important track time. The narrow width provides a lighter feel, while the high-attack design offers trim-able rear gurney options. A edgy look functions and compliments the Finnisher and Silencer body design, and includes elements and features fresh for the latest off-road conditions.

Cut lines are included for easy trimming while triple wing mount dimples are included for a bolt-on fit to the popular B64 series of vehicles. The leading center section of the wing has been formed into a unique V-shape to perfectly outline the front shock tower geometry. Complete your aero package with Jconcepts World Proven Innovation and Design.