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Monaco RC Small Bag with Weight system tray

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MonacoRC is proud to present the MonacoRC Bag Small Red V2.1 with new inner tray to carry easily and safety the SkyRC SCWS2000 Corner Weight System.

The new MonacoRC Bag Small Red V2.1 are distinguished from the previous version for a greater attention to detail with an interior all printed with the MonacoRC logo in red tone on tone and a superior quality of workmanship. Inside, the practical mesh pocket is also red and a MonacoRC label has been applied to embellish it. The exterior maintains that sobriety that made this bag so loved, but for reasons of ease of use the zippers with the MonacoRC logo are now two instead of one.

The Weight System Tray has been designed for transporting and protecting, as well as keeping your workbench organized. Essential and functional in design, it features labels describing the positions of the corresponding weights. You can do without it, but why not do better with it?