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MXLR Awesomatix TC Multi Tool (2pcs)

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To unlock the full performance of the Awesomatix TC cars and further simplify the maintenance you should have the MXLR Awesomatix TC Multi Tool in your pit box! 

These tools are designed by the infinite experience of Awesomatix Team Manager Max Mächler. 
The tool set combines ALL useful and needed tools in just two lightweight and precious looking wrenches.  

Our wrenches will help to build and maintain the universal driveshafts, the gear diff and dampers with std. cups as well as with ADC cups. Experience and knowledge are the highest value when it comes to the production of specialized tools. A small example is the enlarged cavity for the AT40-1 cups which allow the oil to flow out easily at screwing of the cup to not build up any extra pressure inside the damper which may move the P63/P45R piston out of his initial position. This is the small but huge difference between perfection and just creating a tool without knowledge like some others.

Our TC Multi Tools are machined from high quality black anodized aluminum with silver edges and laser engraved logo as well as the Awesomatix part numbers on top and lower side for an easy identification.

In short, the MX Multi Tool for Awesomatix TC can be used to:
- tight/untight ST38 nuts of ST17-1 universal driveshafts
- hold ST17-1 universal ring to open the opposite ST38 nut 
- tight/untight AT40 and AT40-1 Damper Cup
- tight/tighten AT40-ADC Damper Cup 
- tight/tighten AT124B / AT123B (also useable for AT123 of A700 GD2)

MAX-02-002 contains: 
1x Awesomatix Multi Tool A
1x Awesomatix Multi Tool B