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MXLR Caster setup system correction sticker

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We noted there are a few 1/10 TC setup systems out there which have a wrong caster scale engraved. You can see a comparison picture in the gallery below to identify if yours is correct or wrong. If the scale is too narrow, its a one of the not correct versions out there, and your caster setting isn't actually the number it shows! 

With our MXLR Caster correction stickers you are able to fix your caster scales without the need to buy a whole new system! They are precisely printed and cutted for a perfect fitment to the setup system.

The application is easy, as the zero deg line of the actual setup system engraving will be used as the alignment point! This small line cut out of the sticker will ensure to position the sticker correctly. Additionally, the outer shape of the sticker matches with the shape of the setup system in this area to further help with the positioning.

 As an small extra, we added FL, FR and RL, RR marks on the stickers to increase the consistency of your setup procedure by using the same setups system part always in the same spot.

The sticker sheet is pre-cut and covered by high quality matte laminate to protect the print from UV-light and chemical cleaners. 

MAX-07-007 contains:

1x Setup System Caster correction (for HUDY 1/10 TC Alloy System)