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Officina RC Mugen MTC2 Progressive Shock Bodies

Original price $40.00 - Original price $75.00
Original price
$40.00 - $75.00
Current price $40.00

The first innovative and revolutionary progressive shock absorber solution combined in a single component, developed and studied for Mugen MTC2

The shock absorber case is machined from solid in Ergal 7075 and taken up at a later time to make the conical cuts inside the case. The progressive solution can be used with the original piston. If you want to try greater hardness, just close the holes.

When the piston is at the bottom of the shock, it moves softer and damping becomes more difficult as the piston moves up. This means that the shock damping is softer in the early part of the movement and becomes harder as the car moves more. They are built to improve traction and steering.