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OfficinaRC Smart Gluer Tool

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The OfficinaRC Smart Gluer Tool is the ideal choice for those looking for a device that allows you to glue the shoulder of the tire perfectly in the simplest way possible.

Small in size and made from a solid aluminum block, the Smart Gluer Tool is made completely in Italy.

Its exclusive design despite its small size allows it to accommodate a comfortable retractable support in the case which can be used to support the glue nozzle and allow perfect administration on the shoulder.

The smart Gluer Tool is powered by a battery ...... (Not included) which allows it to be transported in the hold even for air travel.

The use is very simple, place the rubber in the hexagonal adapter in the center of the Smart Gluer Tool and tighten the rubber using a knob screw. At this point just press the ON / OFF button hidden in the case and the rubber will start to rotate at the right speed to be able to apply the glue. To be even more precise you can use the "glue Holder" which is housed in the case and which can be positioned using a screw in order to have greater precision in depositing the glue.

The smart Gluer Tool is supplied in a semi-rigid bag made exclusively by MonacoRC which contains a shaped foam to accommodate the device.

For many but not for everyone