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OfficinaRC Titanium Skinny UFS

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Make your car unique whit OfficinaRC Skinny-UFS
These screws are made of titanium with the best precision machines by experts Italian craftsmen in order to create a product destined to become a reference for those who’s looking for the best experience.
The attractive design and extreme technical characteristics project these screws to become the object of desire of those who’s looking for maximise any performances.
Made one by one from titanium bars
These screws have a head of only 4.4mm wide and 0.9mm thick.
Below the extremely thin head there’s a cylindrical part of 1.4mm that allows a perfect centering without preventing tightening.
Particularly suitable for: To screw the new Xray XLP shock absorbers to shock towers where space is really limited.
But also to fix parts by increasing their torsion and reducing the weight, even if only slightly.
Ti-6Al4V is the most widely used titanium alloy in the motorsport and aerospace market. This alloy contains 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. Is an excellent combination of endurance to efforts and toughness, with extra resistance to corrosion.