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Protoform P63 TC body

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Protoform P63 High Performance 190mm Touring Car Body

The Protoform P63 1/10 Touring Car Body has been designed using the latest aerodynamic techniques and combines high downforce, a low center of gravity and stunning looks to match. The cab-forward design provides more front-biased downforce while the sculpted sides increase side-bite. Complementing the additional downforce is the recessed trunk section giving a lower center of gravity and additional stiffness. Below the trunk section, is the high-flow rear bumper. Spending extra time in this section Protoform was able to increase airflow lowering the aerodynamic drag and squeezing every bit of efficiency out of this body. Designed to fit 190mm sedans this body gives the user the performance edge in a highly competitive racing class.

Protoform's signature Mounting Marks inside the front wheel arches are back. Allowing you to choose your body positions in 2mm increments up to +8mm. In addition are markings on the hood, decklid, and rear bumper to easily line up your body posts no matter what chassis or rear body post configuration (vertical or horizontal) you prefer.

NOTE: Painted body shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only and is not included. The body you will receive is clear and unpainted.

  • Radical high-downforce design with a sloped hood and cab-forward layout
  • Stiffening hood ribs for low deflection in ultra-light weights
  • Recessed trunk section for low CG and extra stiffness
  • Sculpted side door panels for increased side-bite
  • High flow rear bumper area for reduced aero drag
  • The P63 is available in three weights:
    • X-Lite (PRM1580-15 - 0.4mm, for expert drivers only)
    • Pro-Lite (PRM1580-20 - 0.5mm, a good all-around option)
    • Light Weight (PRM1580-25 - 0.65, for novice drivers or windy outdoor conditions)