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RCM Carbon body height Adjuster

by RCMaker
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Featuring a simple and effective design, these super lightweight adjusters make it easier than ever to find tune the height of the bodyshell, without having to remove any pins, clips or o-rings. The adjusters feature 3 different height settings at 0.75mm increments (2.25mm of movement). They slide over the body post and locate on a 2mm pin. The assembly is then held in place by an o-ring which is slightly recessed into the top of the adjuster.

To adjust the height, simply slide the adjuster and o-ring up, rotate it to a different slot and seat it back down, pushing theorising down to hold the assembly in place. The o-ring also provides a cushion for your body to prevent flex interruption and helps prevent damage to the body hole and paint. The adjuster features a very small marking on the underside next to the deepest pin. This can be identified following installation to ensure left and right are matching. 

The adjuster can also be used on horizontal rear posts, and with our HRP System. This provides the body the perfect stopper to prevent excessive movement in the rear or damage when hit from behind.

The adjusters are very light-weight coming in at only 0.5g each to keep your CG as low as possible. 

They fit all popular touring cars with a 6mm post (Xray, Awesomatix, Mugen, Yokomo, Schumacher, ARC, Infinity, Destiny etc)

4x Carbon Fiber Body Height Adjusters
4x 2mm Pins
4x O-Rings

Installation instructions:

  1. Insert the 2mm Pin into the correct body post hole. This is usually one hole down if using only a clip, or the same hole if using an existing body height adjuster.
  2. Slide the body height adjuster over your body post with the pin cutout facing down.
  3. Install the o-ring and press down firmly to seat it into the carbon adjuster.
  4. Install body and adjust the holder on the pin as necessary to achieve the optimum height. If the optimum height cannot be achieved, you may need to move the pin to another hole on the body post.