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RCMaker Brass Weight shift heavy front stiffner Weight Set for MTC2

by RCMaker
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$31.95 - $31.95
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Introducing our brand new LCG, Adjustable Heavy Front Chassis Stiffener for the Mugen MTC2!

The Mugen MTC2 Chassis features two large cutouts in the centre of the front, increasing the flex of the chassis in this area substantially! Too much flex in this area can be detrimental in medium-high traction conditions, and thus we have developed a stiffener weight which allows you to brace this section of the chassis.

On the track, this will make the car overall easier to drive, with less pitching in the front. This keeps the car flatter and leads to more consistent lap-times, being able to consistently push the car harder. 

This weight also has built in "weight shift" capabilities, being able to loosen the screws and slide the weight left or right depending on your track, and your chassis' balance. Note that this weight replaces the standard 18g Mugen centre weight! 

The pair also includes carbon fiber shims for shimming the weight off the chassis to increase flex. The weights can be screwed directly to the chassis without any shim to reduce flex. We recommend only running the weight "off centre" if using the carbon shims underneath, as clamping the weight off centre without shims directly to the chassis, could lead to asymmetric flex.

--- Most Flex

  • 1 screw in middle with shim
  • 1 screw in middle without shim
  • 1 screw each side with shim
  • 3 screws with shim
  • 1 screw each side without shim
  • 3 screws without shim

--- Least Flex


  • Heavier 25g Weight with 7075 Black Anodized M3 Inserts
  • Sits as close to the chassis as possible for LCG
  • Adjustable left and right for balance and handling tuning
  • CNC Machined, laser engraved high quality brass
  • Includes shims to allow flex adjustment on or off the chassis
  • Made 100% in Australia


  • 1x Precision Machined Brass Weight (25g)
  • 3x 7075 Black Anodized M3 Threaded Inserts
  • 3x 0.5mm Carbon Fiber Shims for spacing off chassis