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TQ Wire 2S Strain Relief XT60 charge lead

by TQ Wire
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This is the TQ Wire 2S Charge Cable, featuring 4mm & 5mm Bullet Connector to attach to the battery, and an XT60 to connect to the chargers output. This lead is compatible with Junsi X6 iCharger, SkyRC B6, iSDT Chargers; as well as any other charger that uses an XT60 output.


This cable has the same features found in the standard TQ Wire 2S cable; like 12 gauge wires wrapped in black nylon mesh, plus stepped bullets so you can charge both 4mm and 5mm batteries and XH connector on the charger side.

What makes this premium cable unique is the molded strain relief plug housing for the battery side bullets and balance port. The strain relief provides a more durable connection for the balance wires and incorporates “grippers” to aide in removal of the bullets from your battery.

NOTE: TQ Wire also offers an 2S charge lead that, instead of using an XT60 output, the lead features low profile, 90° tubes as alternative. Check it out here: TQW2722.