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MR33 Silicone Oil

by MR33
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High quality damper oil from MR33 ! The oil is graded in increments of 50 and available in viscosities from 100cst to 800cst.


Content per bottle:  75ml MR33 damper oil


Pro Tip: "The viscosity of the damper oil is responsible for how fast the piston plate moves through the oil filled damper housing during compression and rebound. Changing the viscosity of the damper oil can greatly change the handling of your remote controlled RC car - so it's well worth experimenting with!"


The differential oil from MR33 is graded in the most important steps between 1000cSt and 1,000,000cSt. The new diff oil from MR33 allows the best possible setup for almost any RC car on a wide variety of race tracks and surfaces!


Content per bottle: 75 ml MR33 Differential Oil


Pro Tip: "The viscosity of the oil in your differential is responsible for its action. The differential allows the wheels on each axle to turn at different speeds. This comes into play especially when going through corners, but also when accelerating out of corners. A softer or harder diff can make a big difference depending on track conditions. Sometimes your car will then go from a "good" car to a "perfect" car only with a different oil in the differential! "