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MR33 XT90 Female and Male (Black)

by MR33
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MR33 XT90 Female & Male Connector (2+2)

You can use the MR33 XT 90 connectors on your batteries, speedos and chargers for an easy handling. As it is not possible to plug them in the wrong polarity, they are kind of insurance for your electronic components during stressful days at the Racetrack. We recommend XT90 connectors for all 1:8 scale applications.


The MR33 XT90 connectors are available in different sets:

  • MR33-XT90-MC    MR33 XT90 Male Connector (4pcs)
  • MR33-XT90-FCMC    MR33 XT90 Female + Male Connector (2+2pcs)
  • MR33-XT90-FC    MR33 XT90 Female Connector (4pcs)