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Officina RC 2x6 Titanium Cap Screw

Original price $14.00 - Original price $14.00
Original price
$14.00 - $14.00
Current price $14.00

These screws are proudly manufactured in Italy using high-quality TiAl6V4 Titanium, ensuring the best product available on the market.

The titanium used in these screws is of exceptional quality, making them practically indestructible.

Additionally, these screws are 42% lighter than the standard ones included in the kit.

These screws are designed to replace the original Awesomatix screws in crucial areas such as dampers and hubs, where strong and precise fastening is essential. Moreover, they remove significant weight that can be redistributed to optimize the setup.

Just like all OfficinaRC products, these screws not only guarantee excellence in terms of quality but also give your model a unique look.