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Pilmat Body Template Touring

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Ensure your 1/10 Electric Touring Car body is track-ready every time with the new Pilmat Engineering 1/10th TC Body Template!  This allows for easy checking of roof height, rear bumper height, wing dimensions and overhang as to ROAR rules.

Simply sit the chassis on common 10mm droop blocks, and the main hoop can now be used to verify the body is not less than 110mm above the chassis. The small extensions give a solid reference, where thinner templates can easily rock during this measurement.

The top notch is the 10mm reference for the rear wing maximum overhang, again with extensions for stability. There is also a ruler support for accurately measuring wing position if not at the 10mm maximum. For example, in stock racing, the wing is often mounted only 4-6mm off the back of the body.

The 10mm rear wing notch is 35mm high, the maximum clearance allowed for rear bumper cut out. There is a Sharpie holder at the 35mm mark to allow easy marking of the bumper height, maximizing this important parameter for increased air flow under the trunk.

The template also has standard wing measuring rectangle for endplate, and a 40mm cord measurement.