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RCMaker GeoCarbon Bumper Mount

by RCMaker
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Introducing our brand new GeoCarbon Bumper Mount for Awesomatix!

Designed to be used with the kit P14-1X lower bumper mount, it increases the bumpers rigidity, and also the body post rigidity by offering more support around the post. 

This is a direct replacement for the standard part, and also includes an additional brace to brace the bumper to the bulkheads, preventing your bumper bending in impacts. This part does not touch the bulkheads but clears by the slightest of margins as to ensure no tweaking. 

Constructed of high quality 3K 3mm carbon, it is lightweight and durable, and super sexy! We recommend pairing with our GeoCarbon rear body mount for maximum carbon X factor!

This really does stand out on your chassis, giving a very geometric 3d look to your bumper, whilst practically also offering several additional benefits over the standard part and also Awesomatix's C07A Optional Part.